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you're watching cbs5 in high-definition. >> the bill is not passed. >> a last minute stab at a compromise. are we any closer to a deal? plus, what nancy pelosi got her booed in the house. >> it is a violation. a burglar spree in a quiet bay area neighborhood. at least nine homes hit in a matter of days. the excuse one thieve used to get in. >> all of the rest of us have been waiting and hoping for this for a listening time. a turning point for two cal grads arrested in iran almost two years ago. why their families hope they could go free in hours. good evening. congress met for a saturday session to try to strike a compromise but so far still no debt deal. we are now just three days away from that august 2nd deadline
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to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a government default. jessica stone is in washington with the latest. jessica? >> reporter: good evening, ann. just when both sides should be drawing closer they appear to be getting farther apart. john bowen apart. john boehner leaving the senate tonight. >> reporter: rejecting harry reid's plan to raid the debt ceiling even before the senate could take up the bill. democrats aren't giving up on the plan which would cut 2.4 trillion in spending over 10 years and give the president the ability to raise the debt ceiling in three steps. >> i think you will see the replan become the basis for the final deal which will pass on sunday night. >> reporter: facing an uphill battle in the senate. senators signed a bill saturday calling it wreckless requiring the backing of at least seven
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republicans scheduled for a test vote 1 a.m. sunda morning. >> we know the reid prointo'sid proposal will not pass the house and my vi is we ought to end the charade and get serious. >> reporter: congress pledges to work through the weekend. if both sides can't come to an agreement by tuesday, though, the government says it won't be able to pay all its bills. that could not only hurt the economy but jeopardize social security checks and veterans benefits. soldiers on the frontline in afghanistan asked the chairman of the joint chief of staffs if they will get their checks if the government defaults. president obama talked with mitch mcconnell and met with all sides to try to beat the clock and strike the deal.
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>> jessica, we heard earlier on they needed about a week after the deal was passed so they could get it to the president's desk for signature. if they get a deal in the next day or on monday, do they still have time to get this signed and so we avoid this default? >> well, there certainly are still procedural things that would have to happen before they do so but at this point every person i've talk to says if they have a deal in hand they will make it happen. no one here in washington wants to see the nation default on its debt, ann. >> we are talking about talks at the white house. we have heard about those talks before. what do you know about those? any progress being made? >> reporter: it doesn't appear so. there were about 90 minutes this afternoon at the white house with nancy pelosi, senator harry reid spending that time there really giving the president an update on where talks stand and it was after that meeting as senator harry reid came back to the capitol he told reporters we are no closer to an agreement. >> jessica stone in washington,
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d.c. thank you. minority leader nancy pelosi drew boos after she accused john boehner for kissing up to the most conservatives republicans in the house. >> the speaker chose when he didn't have the votes instead of reach out in a bipartisan way to see how we can work together, he chose to go to the dark side. let's bring -- let me repeat. >> boo boo. >> and i repeat he chose to go to the dark side. >> she asked her fellow house members to end the absurd so they can come to a compromise and avoid a devault. neighbors not seeing it. nine homes in belmont burglarized in the past week. and the thieves are getting bolder. >> reporter: burglaries snuck into this woman's parents' house this week, one of seven daytime hits in the area
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occurring when no one's home. >> complete violation of your property. i mean, they lived here almost 27 years to the day and to have somebody come through and go through all their stuff, not right. >> reporter: last night thieves upped the ante in two cases. burglaries entered homes when people were inside. a belmont police lieutenant describes the work. >> they found not only had someone entered their unlocked vehicle in their driveway but they had also entered their residents through an unlocked rear window and taken a wallet and set of keys off the table. >> reporter: several cars burglarized as well. in all of these cases the doors were unlocked. >> i have been here for 12 years. never heard anything like this happen before. >> reporter: police have two descriptions of people they think may have been casing the neighborhood. one is a white man in his late 20s, short blond hair and thin build. police say he knocked on at least one door asking if they had a dog for sale.
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they didn't. and he left. the other is a black man between 20 and 30 years old with a medium build driving a grey bmw sedan knocking on doors. >> those were daytime occurrences. we have no leads on the nighttime occurrences yet. >> reporter: the best advice from police, lock your doors, consider an alarm system and keep an eye on the neighborhood. in belmont, cbs5. digging up an abandoned section of pipeline in san bruno is causing new problems for pg&e. it was part of the deadly explosion and fire last year. state regulators ordered the utilities to dig it up as part of an ongoing investigation into the disaster. that work began on thursday. today neighbors complained about smelling gas. pg&e says there is no gas in the pipe just an odor.
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>> they had done tom work and determined thrfs no gas in that pipe but the odor was trapped inside the pipe and when it was opened that odor escape. >> it was added to warn customers about a natural gas leak. pg&e is shutting down work and will explain to residents there is no danger of a leak. there is a chance two u.c. berkeley grads imprisoned in iraq could be released tomorrow. the trial set to begin in tehran tomorrow morning. the two-year anniversary of their capture. three were detained while hiking in iraq near the iranian border. they hope the court will make a decision tomorrow. >> this has been a very long time in coming. the first time that we heard from our investigators was two
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months ago. we have been hoping for this for a long time. >> she has not been summoned for tomorrow's trial which aaccording to a lawyer indicates that his clients could be freed. also, the muslim world has a tradition of pardoning prisoners for the holy month which begins next week. >> we are waiting for court hearings that have been started november 6th. it was delayed. they had a court hearing on february 6th. and then they were supposed to have a court hearing on may 11th. it didn't happen. so truly this entire almost second year of detention has been about waiting for the court hearing. >> the two maintain they are not guilty. the lawyer suggested the court could convict the two but then sentence them to time served. a terrifying scene on the runway. >> it happened suddenly. everybody was screaming. >> a jet with 163 people on
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board crash lands and breaks in hand. the amazing thing that happened next. elaborate landscaping. a public art sculpture more like a museum than a library. in the state-of-the-art new facility in one bay area neighborhood. ,,,,,,,,
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and broke in two -- after a packed caribbean airlines jet carrying 163 people crashed and broke in two after touching down in guinea today. cheers turned to panic after the plane slid off the end of the rainy runway. it went through a chain link fence and stopped just short of a deep ravine. more than 30 passengers were hurt but everyone survived. the cause of the crash is being investigated. a close car at chicago's o'hare airport. two delta planes collided while backing out of the gate last night. the airline is calling it a taxiway problem. they aren't confirming what parts of the planes made contact but from these photos
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it indicates the planes may have clipped. no one was hurt. all the passengers were taken off the plane. >> everything seemed normal. suddenly there was a big rumble and you could feel the plane shaking and something was really wrong. >> the f.a.a. and delta are investigating. thousands lacing up for one final lap. march the penguins. not the movie. continued mild conditions across the bay as we see some thunderstorms brewing around the central valley. we will take at all the details coming up in your complete forecast in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> eyewitness news is brought to you in part by your honda dealer. see and discover the great values now being offered. with a traditional good luck lion dance san francisco's new visitation library opened today. nearly 10,000 square feet. four times the size of the old library. includes a large chinese collection that served the chinese population. outdoor landscaping and sculptures. it cost more than $13 million paid for by a bond measure several years ago. it has been a bay area landmark for more than 30 years but this weekend the owners of
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a roller skating rink are counting down to the final lap. kiet do explains why the closure has little to do with a lack of money. >> reporter: the only thing harder than succeeding in the roller rink business is leaving it. >> can you say this with 100% 100% certainty you won't regret this? >> reporter: they have worked 24/7 for basically the last four years. >> basically you are retiring? >> yes. to put it simply, yes. >> reporter: with admission at 5 to $15 financially the rink is doing well. but the building itself is also getting old and taking more money to maintain. >> you could raise prices. >> we are as high as we could. >> reporter: the st. germane's
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opened in and took off. since then it has spawned generations of summertime memories and awkward teen romances. >> have you ever come here without a girlfriend and left with one? >> i won't call it a girlfriend but, yeah, i did. >> a lot of flirting going on. what was it like to hang out with the boys there? >> that was the thing, you roller skate, shake your bootie and have fan. >> reporter: there were 18 rinks in the bay area when this one opened. now there will only be five. they say they will work as consultants or invest the money. but nonetheless time to roll into the next phase of their lives. >> skaters really supported us. and have come back over all the years. >> i feel kind of corny to quote bob hope, thanks for the memories. >> reporter: an speaking of romance you'll never guess
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where the owner met his wife? yes, right here at the rink. the final skate session is sunday. kiet do, cbs5. march of the penguins san francisco style. today five penguins had a hat trick at san francisco's penguins island in may graduated from fit school . they were sent to school to learn how to swim and get used to being around people and to celebrate their return the zoo let them name the crowd the winning female. the winning name pose. buster posey. popular name. >> nice throughout the bay area as we continue on the mild side. little cooler than normal for this time of year and down across the interior things are warming up out there. thunderstorms brewing out over the foothills of the sierra. i don't think they will make it into our area as we are looking
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at mostly clear skies as low cloud and fog burns off over the bay. the fog did linger at the beach as we continue with this stable summer pattern here. as mentioned we do have enough of an onshore component at the beach to keep the low clouds and fog around late night and early morning hours, giving way to afternoon sunshine while out across the interior looking at a bit of a southerly breeze bringing up subtropical moisture. sparking a few thunderstorms thunderstorms. that will be back tomorrow moving a little bit to the west but we will likely continue mild in and around the bay as we look for again the stratus pattern to be our main weather feature here. taking a look at the buildup across the high country we see a lot of lightening activity up into the tahoe basin if we can get a look at it. there it is. popping up in thunderstorm activity extending up into south lake tahoe with lots of lightening strikes out there. lightly have some fire showing
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up by tomorrow. but still pretty moist out there. so we will look for that condition to repeat itself. again tomorrow afternoon possibly moving into the high country. our temperatures peak out here into the beginning of the week then gradually cool right on into next weekend. as again we look for the status pattern to continue keeping conditions on the mild side. that's your forecast right now. let's check in with kim and get a sports update. >> thank you. niners bringing in a supermvp for a visit and raiders sign a former stanford quarterback. what ochocinco was willing to give up to get his number 85 with the patriots. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ crabtree injured, the forty niners could use some help at wide receiver... former super bowl m-v ng in for a visit with mike crab injured the 49ers could use help at wide receiver. plaxico burress is coming in for a visit tonight. burress missed the last two seasons while serving a prison sentence for gun possession. franklin expected to sign somewhere, a 29-year-old will move into nose tackle position. he enjoyed the time off this season. >> i was searching, looking wife wife. watching my kids. spending more time with my family. to be safe and away from trouble. >> two days after being
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released by the niners, signing with another team. raiders were close to a deal yesterday with left tackle jarret gaither but they decided to not because of health concerns. a deal with trent edwards. he started 32 games for the bills before being released last season. he is expected to compete with kyle bowler for the backup spot. plenty of transactions being made out throughout the league. for the latest go to cbs5 sports page and fall the free agency tracker. >> i don't know you guys. can i get a group hug? come on, please. thank you, i love you guys. >> ochocinco met with the new england media for the first time. the always outspoken wide
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receiver promises to tone down his behavior now that he is a patriot. a player gave up number 85 so ochocinco didn't have to change his name. >> i will let him use my prius on the weekend. that's the best i can do right now. i have some leftover mcdonald's coupons. >> sure he is changing. >> he has currentsly over 2 million followers on twitter but don't expect his new head coach bill belichick to be following him anytime soon. >> that's not something i follow. i don't twitter. i don't myspace. i don't do any of those things. i would be the last to know. >> advancing to the finals at the bank of the west classic after a player withdrew to an injury. she will take on serena williams or another player in tomorrow's championship match. everyone looking for
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birdies at the women's british open. 18 holes away from the biggest win of her career. she shoots a 68 to get to 15 under. last year's winner is two strokes back. the putter has bailed out owen brown in more ways at the u.s. senior open. sinks the birdie just off the green at 18. he is now 15 under for the tournament which is a senior open record. 54 holes. making history this afternoon at infineon. qualified for a record 139th time. the 62-year-old will go for his second straight win tomorrow during the elimination round. his son-in-law robert hiatt will be the number 2 seed. fans can meet the first lady of drag racing who after all these years is still one of
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the sports biggest stars. >> a lot of racers will go to the n.h.r.a. quietly out of ear shot and complain that my autograph lines are interfering with their pit space. just another excuse to complain but that's pretty much how it is. and they will stand for an hour and wait for that one signature. >> they made a movie about her actually back in 1983 called "heart like a wheel." definitely a pioneer in the sport and back in those days is unheard of it. >> thank you, kim. a flashback to 2006. housing prices are sky rocketing in one part of the bay area up nearly 30% in just six months. what's up with the boom? that's it for 5:30. we will be back in half hour.
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updates are always on at good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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